Sunday, January 13, 2013

Art Challenge for January 2013

Here's a challenge for you all! An art challenge, take some time to just doodle and draw each day for the rest of this month. But each day only take five minutes timing yourself and then the next day continueing that drawing by yourself or you can grab a partner and take turns. You start then your friend, family member or child can continue it, sorta answering your art piece. Then it's your turn again and so on. Post what you come up with I would love to see it, you can post it in the comments below... Have fun with it, a great resourse for inspiration is the book Totally Tangled or Zen Tangled.
I can't wait to see the results of this art challenge!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Installment #2 of Works of Art in Progress

This is installment #2 and together with #1this is what i have for now, i also did some painted t-shirts that i will also be showing. Eeep! so excited!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Installment #1 of Works of Art in Progress

Here is Installment #1 of my Works of Art in Progress for the art show in February 2013. Some of these i will be adding to (adding color or using in collages ect.) and almost all of them will need to be framed and i'm going to get old frames and either spray paint them or wrap with yarn or material, or cover with fabric. I'm quite excited about how these will turn out...

This is installment #1 hope you all enjoyed and i hope these inspired you as well!
More to come!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The New year is coming! Plus Great News

Hello Readers, Incoming! The New Year is coming soon! I am so excited about this coming year, I am especially excited about an upcoming art show that i will be a part of. Yes, that's right  I am showing my art in a show with a few other people in Febuary.  I am currently working on the pieces i will show and guess what i'm gonna bring you all along for the ride. I will take pics of the pieces in progress and then hopefully show you all the end product with pics i take at the show! Hope you all are enjoying your holiday season, remember to have fun and enjoy life(you never know when you'll kick the bucket lol)!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sorry for my absence and New Project Idea

Dear Friends, I am very sorry that i have neglected this blog and didn't post any of the costume ideas and tutorials that i had wanted to do. My deepest apologies and i will do my best not to neglect you all  any further... i've just been so busy. But anyways fall is here and it is wonderful!
Here is an idea for art project/craft that would be fun to do for fall:
     -Leaf rubbings (i did this quite a bit during fall when i was little)You go out and collect leaves that look interesting in shape and size to you. Then bring then home and use crayons to do rubbings by place the leaf behind the paper and rubbing on the paper in front. Quite fun, You could use this as a backround for a scrapbook page or using it in a greeting card or maybe make a mini fall art journal and incorporate the leaf rubbings.

      I think i am going to do some leaf rubbings and show you all the finished product in my next post!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Coming Up? Diy Costume tutorials ofcourse

I'm thinking of doing Diy costume tutorials since halloween is coming up...
 What would you like to see? Princess, a woodland fairy, a dark romantic victorian lady... ballerina, anime or manga characters, a fashion model, 20's flapper, Barbie, a anime style maid with pink hair perhaps, alice cullen, the options are endless I am open to suggestions so post your suggestions in the comments or vote which ones you like out of the list i gave and i will try to show you how! with makeup and costume, the whole look... on the cheap cuz who doesn't like to save money?! I await all your fabulous ideas! 

Recomendation-PS I made this

I love PS I made this, they have really good tutorials, and project ideas... You all should check it out if you haven't already!