Saturday, September 22, 2012

Coming Up? Diy Costume tutorials ofcourse

I'm thinking of doing Diy costume tutorials since halloween is coming up...
 What would you like to see? Princess, a woodland fairy, a dark romantic victorian lady... ballerina, anime or manga characters, a fashion model, 20's flapper, Barbie, a anime style maid with pink hair perhaps, alice cullen, the options are endless I am open to suggestions so post your suggestions in the comments or vote which ones you like out of the list i gave and i will try to show you how! with makeup and costume, the whole look... on the cheap cuz who doesn't like to save money?! I await all your fabulous ideas! 


  1. I like the idea of a dark romantic victorian lady! Or a woodland fairy. I'm sure whatever you do will look awesome, though :)

  2. Thanks, i will totally do the dark romantic victorian lady and a woodland fairy for sure... i might also do Morgana from Merlin too. Thank you for your imput i am so excited for this costume diy adventure!