Monday, November 5, 2012

Sorry for my absence and New Project Idea

Dear Friends, I am very sorry that i have neglected this blog and didn't post any of the costume ideas and tutorials that i had wanted to do. My deepest apologies and i will do my best not to neglect you all  any further... i've just been so busy. But anyways fall is here and it is wonderful!
Here is an idea for art project/craft that would be fun to do for fall:
     -Leaf rubbings (i did this quite a bit during fall when i was little)You go out and collect leaves that look interesting in shape and size to you. Then bring then home and use crayons to do rubbings by place the leaf behind the paper and rubbing on the paper in front. Quite fun, You could use this as a backround for a scrapbook page or using it in a greeting card or maybe make a mini fall art journal and incorporate the leaf rubbings.

      I think i am going to do some leaf rubbings and show you all the finished product in my next post!

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